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Where Western seers will work with any planet of the customer's picking as exhibited by the customer's natal structure, improvements, and journeys, the Vendic magnificent prophet capacities as indicated by certain outrageous models to think about one express stone, which may change now and again as per changes in dasas (planetary periods) and adventures. For instance, the Vedic soothsayer will from the start take a gander at the ascendant. On the off chance that the ruler is in a palm reading Chicago promising sign, by then the pearl of decision would in all likelihood be that of the top of the ascendant. By then, the Moon's sign and the top of that sign are thought of, near to the top of the naksatra (lunar domain). Planets in rulership and love are in like way considered, as their gemstones may additionally be utilized to theiradvantage as per the Vedic framework.

Where Vedic soothsayers prepared that wearing a hunch stone can cause disaster, Western heavenly prophets are more orchestrated to state, "in the event that you like it, wear it, as it's proverb something about you right now." This isn't to state they disregard the intrinsic imagery, yet rather that they place staggering stock on choice and on the consideration level of the customer. So where Western soothsayers will pick the class of pearl suitable to the customers' points of interest, they will request that customers pick the veritable gem, the hypothesis being that the customers will pick a stone that has disguising affiliations or considerations or even blemishes that have particular importance.

This disavows Vedic soothsaying in which the diamond gazer "underpins" the jewel, the tone, and even the particular weight and will either pick and set the pearl for the certifiable customer or send the customer to an expert who will "fill the game plan" for the customer. Customer propensity is for the most part of basically insignificant significance in the Vedic framework. There are besides unequivocal contraindications to the degree joining certain stone mixes in the Vedic framework, at any rate there is an especially mind-bowing thought as a nine-diamond setting called a Nava-Ratna, which is a prohibition for the contraindication rule. Western jewel gazers are less unbendable about scolding against different pearl mixes, at any rate some will teach against certain concerning these.

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